Using WANem Virtual Appliance in VMWare Server
  1. Down load '' from the link given here and extract it. In case of Winzip, use 'extract to folder' option and choose 'c:\'. In case of Unix, unzip using command 'unzip'.
  2. Start VMWare server.
  3. In VMware Server console, select 'Home' --> 'Open Existing Virtual machine'.
  4. You get 'Open virtual machine' window. Here browse to WANem v2.1 folder.
  5. Select WANem (.vmx). VMWare server now boots up WANem.
  6. Click on 'Start this virtual machine' in VM ware server console.
  7. To the VMware server window you get a Knoppix screen with a prompt in the bottom left called “boot:” Just press “Enter”.