WANEM Download

Stable version of WANem (version 2.3) can be downloaded from here.
Beta 2 version of WANem (version 3.0 Beta 2) is available for download here.

WANem Usage Steps

WANem can be used in all environments; not just Linux. The stable version is available as the file - WANemv2.3.iso.bz2. Here are the steps to be followed after the download :

  1. Save the downloaded file WANemv2.3.iso.bz2 in a folder.
  2. Decompress the file using the command "bzip2 -d WANemv2.3.iso.bz2"(unix). Or, use Winrar (windows). You will see the file - WANemv2.3.iso .
  3. Burn the image WANemv2.3.iso into a CD.
    • Please do not just copy the contents into a CD and burn. It wont work.
    • Use the "Burn image to disc" option in your CD Burning software.
    • For example, in Nero Express software click "Nero Startsmart"-> "Back up" -> "Burn Image to Disc" -> "Image,Project, Copy" -> "Disc Image or Saved Project". At this point select the iso file and proceed to burn the CD.
  4. Insert the CD into the CD ROM dirve of any i386 based PC.
  5. Restart the PC and boot using the CD-ROM drive. You may need to use a function key (probably F12) to alter boot options during restart.